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Welcome To Simply Spots

Welcome To Simply Spots where cat lovers come to find their new lifelong companion. We are Alberta Canada’s finest savannah cat breeder that provides every client with high quality savannah kittens who accompany them on the journey of life. Whoever said man’s best friend is a dog has obviously never been in the company of a beautiful purebred savannah cat and felt their undying need to please their owners.

From the very beginning, the savannah cat  was bred to embody the benefits of both cats and dogs while having the beauty of exotic felines of the wild. A savannah cat has the intelligence and beauty of traditional cats with the addition of companionship, and the need to please their masters as household dogs would, giving them the best of both worlds when it comes to pet ownership. No matter what your household situation is, savannah kittens will adapt well in almost every environment. Savannah Cats in Alberta and across Canada, should meet up to your expectations as they do here at Simply Spots Savannahs. Our kittens will be a part of your family raised with love from our home to yours, we know you are going to love your savannah kittens from Simply Spots Savannahs.

Finding a quality savannah cat breeder is crucial when adding one of these beautiful animals to your household. Here at Simply Spots Savannahs we have made it our mission to preserve the beauty of the savannah cat and eliminate genetic defects that come from careless and mass breeding. Our extensive research and true passion for the breed has made us who we are today and has given us the drive to provide every worthy home with the savannah kittens of their dreams. Make sure to speak with or visit your savannah cat breeder of choice before purchasing. Making sure your kittens meet up to your expectations, we are here to answer any questions. Get a good feel for the place your kitten will be coming from, it is important to know the breeder.

Thank you for visiting our website. Here you can find great information about us and the savannah cats that make our breeding process one of best in Canada. We are savannah cat enthusiasts, and are dedicated to providing each and every client with the perfect savannah kittens, introducing them to the world of domestic cats fused with the cats of the wild, Simply Spots  keeps all the best qualities of the savannah cat . Check back periodically for our most recent savannah kittens for sale. If you are looking for the perfect companion and need a savannah cat breeder that you can count on, Simply Spots is the breeder for you. We look forward to providing a member from our family to become a member of your family.

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