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Golden brown savannah kitten - savannah kittens for sale

Simply Spots will take care of everything your savannah kittens need from the moment your little guy is born until he becomes a new member of your family. We follow up with you, and welcome any phone calls or emails after the savannah kittens have adapted to your household, to ensure the adoption went smoothly and that you and your new family member is agreeable and cheerful. This gives your family a chance to ask any questions you may have about your new little furry family member.

Simply Spots is a small family run cattery. We specialize in breeding and selling - savannah to savannah, TICA Registered - F6SBT and F6C savannah kittens. Our goal is to produce SBT (stud book tradition) purebred savannah kittens that look most like the African serval. We pride ourselves in regular vet checks to ensure the health of all of our savannahs. Simply Spots is located in rural Alberta, Canada.

All savannah kittens that we have the pleasure of raising will be loved and cuddled every day as part of the family. We feel that it is truly important for them to live as part of our family, since they will be included as a new family member when you adopt them. We are dedicated to raising our savannah kittens as tho they are our children - and never in cages or kennels alone; they need human interaction, play and affection daily.

How often will new pictures of my kitten be taken?

We know that it is important for each of our clients to receive pictures of their savannah kittens as he or she is growing. We at Simply Spots will take pictures of your kitten every 3 weeks as he or she grows, and have a picture posted on our website. Additionally we will have many pictures of your kitten posted on our Facebook page for our current or previous clients to admire.

Manners are very important -  We start the training process early with your savannah kittens. We endeavor to teach the savannah kittens that the counter and table etc. are "no kitten zones" and scratching on furniture and carpeting is not allowed. We strive to train each kitten, that cat trees and cat condos are where they should be sharpening their little claws. We work to achieve balance between training, play, and affection.

Pricing - Savannah kittens pricing is determined according to the following: overall "quality" and "type" of each savannah (leg length, sear size and placement, and body length), how close the savannah is to the written breed standard (stud book tradition), and contrast in the kittens coloration. We believe we are producing some of the most beautiful savannahs which resemble the African serval as closely as possible. We strive to ensure that each and every kitten is highly socialized. Good temperament and health are our top priorities at Simply Spots Savannahs.

See you soon as we look forward to showing you the newest additions to the family.

What does your kitten come with? When your new furry family member goes home with you, he will be up to date on vaccinations and dewormed. TICA registration paperwork is also included in the price of your kitten.

When your kitten leaves our home, he or she will have:
Vaccinations and booster shots, worming, health certificate from our registered vet here in Olds, and a 1 year health guarantee. Official registration paperwork from TICA (The International Cat Association) certifying that your savannah kittens are purebred savannahs will be provided after documentation of spay or neuter is provided to Simply Spots Savannahs.


To be added to our waiting list, please call or email us using the link on our Contact page. A $1000.00 non-refundable deposit is required to place one of our savannah kittens for sale on hold.  When the kittens are 12 weeks old, they will be ready go to their new homes. Breeding rights may not be obtained.

Please contact us soon if you are interested in a kitten, or they may all be claimed.
Savannah Colors We Produce:
  • BST (brown background color with black spots – can be either a warm tone or cool tone)
  • SST (silver background color with black spots – can vary from a near white background to darker grey background)
  • Snow (pure white with red eyes at birth, gradually the spotting develops, and eyes turn to bright sky blue at about 3 weeks)

Additional Costs

Health certificates ($100.00), Alberta 5% GST, and import/export fees will be additional charges over and above the price of your cat or kitten. For those who cannot pick up their kitten and need him shipped on an airplane - ($250.00- $450.00 shipping within North America).

Simply Spots is a legally registered operation, and as a legal business we as are required by law to charge tax. All animals sold from Simply Spots in CANADA are GST applicable.

Below are Alberta's taxes that MUST be charged by law:


  • NO TAXES are applied if shipped out of Canada to US. We ship within North America only.
  • Shipping and Country Entry Requirement Costs are additional.
  • No Kitten will be held without a deposit. Deposits are non-refundable. A conversation will not secure your kitten.

Please make a deposit to ensure that your favorite exotic beauty will be going home to your family.

Kitten Price List

SBT Purebred Savannahs

$1400.00 - $3500.00

A non-refundable deposit of $1000.00 is required to place a kitten on hold.