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SimplySpots King Alejandro

Born and raised right here at Simply Spots Savannahs, Alejandro is an amazing example of the rare snow genetic mutation of the color genes which occurs roughly 1 in every 100 savannahs. His coloration is referred to as "snow". When Alejandro was born, he was pure white and started to develop markings on his ears and tail. At about 1 - 2 years of age, all of Alejandro's gorgeous spots and darker markings had fully developed. Pictures shown here, were taken May 2016. What a gorgeous stud!

King Triton 

King Triton is a great example of a "light silver" savannah. His near white background is complimented nicely by his jet black spotting. Look at those eyes! This stud has amazing wild looks, but a gentle soft personality.

King Braxton