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King "Spartacus"  F5SBT

Spartacus is our newest stud. He just had his first very handsome litter October 1, 2019 with Queen Roquel. Both Spartacus and Roquel are silver savannahs with black spots, so all kittens in their litter are gorgeous silver babies with black spots. The males will look like their father with the larger black spots and darker silver coloration. The females in the litter will look like their mother with smaller black spots and lighter silver coloration.

Both parents boast very tall well placed ears, hooded eyes, nice oceli and outstanding inky black spots.

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King SimplySpots "Maverick" SBT

Maverick was born here at Simply Spots Savannahs with King Alejandro and Queen Dakota as his parents. He has all the best features from both his parents, and has always been the larges kitten in his litter, and is now our largest stud. Maverick is a sweet boy who loves to cuddle and is very obedient to hand signals. Maverick's first litter was born in January 2019 from Tonic F4SBT.

SimplySpots King Alejandro F6SBT

Born and raised right here at Simply Spots Savannahs, Alejandro is an amazing example of the rare snow genetic mutation of the color genes which occurs roughly 1 in every 100 savannahs. His coloration is referred to as "snow". When Alejandro was born, he was pure white and started to develop markings on his ears and tail. At about 1 - 2 years of age, all of Alejandro's gorgeous spots and darker markings had fully developed. Pictures shown here, were taken May 2016. What a gorgeous stud!