Simply Spots Savannahs

Bring Home Exotic Excellence With Simply Spots Savannah Kittens & Savannah Cats

Our Queens - Savannah Cat

Queen "Tonic" F4SBT

Tonic is a show stopping light silver savannah cat with black spots. Her amazing amber colored eyes are passed down from the serval. It is so exciting to see the rare amber colored eyes being passed down to her kittens. The amber eye color is an attribute that serval cats are known for. A savannah cat with this eye color is rare, and so intriguing.
Tonic at Simply Spots Savannah Cat and savannah kittens
Tonic at Simply Spots Savannah Cat and savannah kittens

SimplySpots Queen "Arabella"

Gorgeous golden coat with outstanding dark spots. Large closely placed ears, great oceli, amazing hooded eyes and lovely long legs. This girl is my favorite! Every litter of kittens Arabella has produced has been out of this world. She is a great example of the savannah cat breed. When paired with Alejandro, her kittens have proven to be some of our largest, reaching 18 pounds of long lean muscle at only 1 year old. A savannah cat reaches their full adult size at 3 years of age. Arabella also has snow genes in her blood, and has produced our nicest snow kittens. A snow colored savannah cat truly is amazing! Check out our snow stud Alejandro.
Arabella at Simply Spots Savannah Cat and savannah kittens
Arabella at Simply Spots Savannah Cat and savannah kittens
Arabella at Simply Spots Savannah Cat and savannah kittens

Simply Spots Queen "Dakota"

SimplySpots Dakota was born and raised here with us, she is sister to Arabella. Her ears are a great example of what a savannah cat should look like - they are so closely placed resembling her serval ancestors. Dakota has that rare deep resounding "wild meow" that almost sound like a cheetah, this is one of the many reasons why Dakota is one of the best in the savannah cat type. Her lovely dark brown/black spotting runs in perfect horizontal lines down her back. This girl's short silky fur make cuddling amazing! Dakota is my little lap cat, and my girl that comes to me when I am sad. It is so great to have a savannah cat that knows my emotions, and wants to make me happy. I love Dakota!

Aurorra F7SBT of SimplySpots

This girl is new to Simply Spots. We are so delighted to welcome sweet Miss Aurorra into our home, she is so full of love, and gives us kisses every day. She is the gorgeous rare snow coloration which will keep her baby blue eyes for her whole life.  Aurorra is an amazing example of the snow savannah cat. She has a very sweet outgoing personality which she passes on to her kittens.

Roquel F5SBT of SimplySpots

This sweet girl came to us in the summer of 2018. This girl melts my heart, she truly is a doglike cat. Following my footsteps carefully as I walk through the house, and begging on her haunches on command just for some hugs. Roquel has a low wild sounding meow, gorgeous yellow eyes, great close placed ears, puffy nose leather, amazing contrast from black spots to silver background and a love for her people like no other.