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Welcome to our testimonials page. Below are letters from clients letting us know of their experience at Simply Spots.
Shown above: Capone with his Mommy Nicole. At 1 year and 8 months old Capone weighed 18 lbs!!

Dam: Viera  ]  Sire: Richmond
From: Nicole and Tayo - Calgary, AB

My boyfriend Tayo and I found simply spots through the internet because we were looking for a savannah breeder in Alberta close to us. We contacted simply spots and they were great from the beginning very informative and told us everything about their cattery and about savannah cats! We put a deposit down to ensure we would get the kitten of our choice, we were very happy to do. We wanted a specific color (gold BST with black spots). We were given a contract stating everything about what we were getting! Very informative contract!

Once we left we felt very happy and secure with our decision and couldn't wait till our kitten was born.
After the 3 months we went to pick up Capone and we had all our questions answered in person and we felt right at home with our new kitten! Everything went very smoothly and it was delight to deal with Simply Spots from beginning to the end.

Once we got Capone home we found he adjusted very well he was very playful and energetic from the beginning,  I think that it helped with all the human interaction simply spots gave Capone growing up! 
Nicole and Tayo

Dam: Vedanta F6B   ]   Sire: Nairobi Soul
From: Jason P.  -    Edmonton, AB Canada

My experience with Simply Spots has been great. Communications with Simply Spots has been easy and frequent from the time I started inquiring about getting a kitten, and has continued on after buying my kitten and taking him home. Alison has been helpful answering my questions and helping to ensure the entire experience has been a great one.  Achilles has been a fantastic addition to my home, he is a healthy, beautiful kitten and gets along great with my other kitten. I have nothing but good things to say about Simply Spots and highly recommend them.
Jason P.

Dam: Esperanza  ]  Sire: Nairobi Soul
From: Jillian    -    Yellowknife, NWT Canada

Hello Alison, He is getting so big!! He gets along with my 2 year old just fine!! There a perfect match and they both get into trouble together, there partners in crime... I was wanting anther one, but I am expecting baby #2... So we're just going to have to wait.!!! But we are happy with the boy we have... He just like a baby, he loves cuddling when its bed time and acts like a little human lol.... I will post pics soon so you can see how big he has gotten. he still needs time to grow into his long legs lol take care...

Jillian Buckley

Dam: Esperanza  ]  Sire: Simply Spots Jet
From: Vi and Kevin    -  Calgary, AB Canada

Alanna loves chasing us up the stairs and hugging our legs. We've learned to expect it so we don't trip and fall every time she does that. We are so happy with her personality. She is so lovable and gets along with everyone. She greet strangers by climbing up their legs onto their back and sitting on their shoulders like a parrot. For that reason we always tried to keep her nails short. She will sleep on anyone's lap. But when she's awake, boy is she ever active. We didn't teach her how to fetch but she knows to bring her toys and drop it on our lap when she wants to play. Today was the first time she jumped on top of the shower doors from the counter. I wonder what she'll do next.  We pretty much have to cat-proof everything. We love her! She definitely keeps us on our toes. She loves to cuddle. I often wake up with her next to my head, taking up half the pillow. We introduced her to some puppies a while ago. At first she was a little timid but after about an hour she was boss. People who didn't like cats before, after meeting Alanna have completely changed their mind. A cat with a personality so much like a dog, yet self-sufficient, it's a perfect combination. Thank you Alison for your hospitality. You welcomed us into your home and introduced us to your family. We knew we were getting a kitten that was well cared for. All the best to you and Mark and your little ones!
Vi and Kevin

Dam: Veana  ]  Sire: Simply Spots Jet
From: Julie    -  Calgary, AB Canada

I attached a few pictures of  Martha in this email. I thought you might like to see how beautiful she turned out to be.  She is doing fine and she got along very well with our cat Max. She likes eating and she's growing very fast. She's our little sweetie... loves to be cuddled at night. What a smart cat. She taught herself to play fetch. Until now it's her favorite game to play. We can say that it makes a difference to have a good breed. She's lovable... One of a kind cat. We love her. Thanks to you., we have the best furry buddy a family can have. Thanks for bringing Martha into our lives.. she's such a beautiful cat and we enjoyed every moment with her.


Dam: Eyal F6C  ]  Sire: Nairobi Soul F5C
From: Kori    -  Swan Hills, AB Canada

We browsed through the very extensive kitten page and decided on a melanistic boy. We contacted the breeders regarding the process and availability of the kitten. We also asked thousands of questions about the care of the cat, what to expect, etc. The breeder was MORE than helpful with answering our questions clearly and quickly.
Within a few short days we put a down payment on our boy and signed the contract. The contract was extremely clear and easy to understand.  The breeder was also very helpful and informative regarding any questions we had about the contract.

My daughter and I drove to pick our boy up at 12 weeks. We immediately fell in love with him. He was a bit afraid at first, but now Oscar’s true personality has blossomed. My daughter (age 6 almost 7) and him are the best of friends. Katrina often picks him up, slings him over her shoulder, and carts him around the house. While most cats would hate this, Oscar LOVES it. Not only does he get along amazingly with my daughter, but Oscar is great with my boyfriend and I as well. 

Oscar loves to play fetch. He will bring his toy mouse up on the bed to us begging to play. He also loves his feather toy. He bounces around like crazy after it. Oscar quite enjoys being outside on his harness and even likes playing in water! Oscar’s unique ability to play is not his best attribute. His best attribute is his affection towards his family. He is completely in love with my daughter, my boyfriend, and I. You can often find him sleeping on one of our chests, face buried next to ours,purring like crazy. Every time you come home, Oscar is there waiting with a big MEOW to say “HELLO!”

Every one of our friends asks us where we got Oscar and everyone always wants to know more about the breed. Most of our friends and family are so taken back by his beauty,size, and wonderful personality.                           We could not be happier with our purchase of Oscar. Thank you Simplyspots with providing us our new addition to our family!!

Kori Irving

Dam: April  ]  Sire: Simply Spots Jet
From: Melissa Wynnychuk     -  Sundre, AB Canada

Zeus is doing great! Even in the vehicle on the way home he was purring away on my lap, and was playing tug a war with a shoe string, he is such a determined little guy. He is already fetching and he packs all kinds of things around in his mouth. He is so smart and will bring the toy right back to you every time and drop it right in front of you!! He already trusts us and loves to sleep on our laps, just purring away. I am so happy with him and it's a relief that the transition went over so well.

He amazes me as to what he will carry around in his mouth, and I have to be very careful when I am eating as he is very sneaky, I was eating a plate of pasta and he jumped up without me looking and took a huge bite and then took off. He has quite the personality, and allot of things in my house catch his eye. Thanks so much for taking the time to show us all of your cats. You have done an amazing job of raising all these kittens and should be proud!!

Zeus is doing awesome, and we are so glad that we got him. He gets along very well with the other cats, and has made really good friends with my tabi cat. They chase each other around the house for hours and are always curled up together. Zeus continues to amaze me as to what he will climb on. He gets himself onto the smallest ledges in my house, and even scares me sometimes as there is no limit as to where he will try and fit himself. I am not used to having a cat that is so agile. He still loves to fetch and will bring back anything that you throw for him. He drops it off right at your feet.

He has grown allot and his spots are darkening and he is quite beautiful. He has such a nice personality, and is very good with strangers. He doesn't like to be picked up for long unless he is in the mood, as he will cry and cry as I think he feels that he is missing out on something and needs to be on the go. I think that when my other cats pass away, I will only get savannahs, as they are truly quite a bit smarter than a regular domestic cat, and are very entertaining. Well, I shouldn't write anymore as I am sure that I could go on and on about Zeus. I will send you some pictures of him soon. Take care, hope all is well!!

Take care,

Dam: Veana  ]  Sire: Richmond
From: Gary and Cathy Klemm - Buena Vista, SK   Canada

We love our Neo. What a neat cat and good pet he has turned out to be.
We clicked on Simply Spots while researching Savannahs. We were happy to find a breeder close to home (Saskatchewan) so we could obtain savannah kittens Alberta. Alison's website was informative and had lots of pictures; so we were able to choose our Neo and watch him grow before we actually picked him up. When we did, we found Alison to be a caring "cat mom" . The cats and kittens were well cared for and raised in a home environment. Alison communicated with us throughout before we picked Neo up. When we did, we were able to see the female cats and kittens cavorting in her home and that they were all well socialized.

It is our first time with an exotic cat and we are happy with the decision. He makes a very unique pet, with his spots and exotic looks. One friend said he looks like a character from "Avatar". He is good natured and loves to play - with his toys and our other cats, when they are in the mood. He never hisses. He gets cold because of his short sleek coat and loves to cuddle. And with his slim build, he is quite acrobatic - jumping on our shoulder and leaping through the air. I would recommend Simply Spots to anyone looking for a Savannah.

Wishing you all the best with your spotted babies,
Cathy and Gary Klemm

Dam: Veana  ]  Sire: Richmond
From: Sylvia Schlagel - Calgary, AB Canada

Testimonial to Simply Spots Cattery
Where to begin.  I have always been a devoted Abyssinian owner .... to me there wasn't another cat that came close to an Abby in personality, looks and devotion to their humans.  Until I met Riley (formerly known as Braxton) at Simply Spots. 

When I first came across the ad that there was still a little male remaining, I was intrigued remembering the Savannahs  10 years back as being quite large and unobtainable in terms of price and laws.  I started doing a bit of research on the breed  (you tube, TICA and other sites) and was quite surprised that the formerly large, unobtainable cat had since become much smaller than the F1's - F2's and watching the videos, I was totally astounded on how close these cats resembled the Abyssinian in personality and characteristics. I looked at the webpage and saw the little boy and it was then  I decided to contact Simply Spots and had a wonderful conversation with Alison Peterson.  What a warm, friendly and caring impression she made on me.  Because I had never seen this breed in real life before, I thought that Olds was close enough to Calgary and decided to take a drive to see the adults and kittens with my two very excited daughters. 

I was welcomed into a very clean and organized home and right away the female adult Savannahs were poking around in my purse, coming up to me for petting, and I even got a few licks on the hand.  I was absolutely astounded at the beauty and disposition of these cats and found myself totally in awe of the breed.  Alison was absolutely wonderful and you could see that she absolutely loved her cats and most definitely her cats adored her as well.  After Alison had "sized me up" and decided that I could be a potential owned human by one of her Savannah's (I would have done exactly the same thing as a conscientious and caring breeder), I was introduced to the kittens.  But not before we washed our hands and I really was impressed with the extra precautions Alison took in protecting her kittens.  The minute we walked into the room where the kittens were, Riley came directly to us and that was it, I was captivated by this little kitten with the hugest personality I've ever come across.  And of course, you know where it ended up ... Riley became a Calgarian and my family fell in love with the Savannah breed.

I have nothing but praise for Simply Spots and how much care and devotion that Alison puts into her cats.  The kittens are very well socialized ... Riley adapted very well to our home and has captured our hearts.   In fact, I know that Alison was both happy and sad to see Riley go .... she put a lot of extra time in socializing him and I could see her attachment to him.  When we drove off I had mixed emotions, I was excited for us but sad because I knew how Alison felt .... this is a breeder who loves her savannah kittens Alberta.

We are all excited at watching this little guy grow up to see how big he's going to get and he definitely keeps us very busy at playing with him and of course teaching him that it's not nice to climb up people's legs or play to rough with people's hands ... the typical kitten stuff.  I am also continually amazed on just how close his personality is that to an Abby ... I find myself often trying to determine if there are any distinct differences between the two breeds.
I don't want to end up writing a book since this is suppose to be a testimonial but if you are looking for  a Savannah, I would highly recommend Simply Spots.  I am very impressed with the caring, devotion, love and dedication that Alison has to this breed.  Her webpage is really well done and informative and I love the idea of being able to see the kittens grow. 

I continue to send Alison updates and pictures of Riley and I know that she really enjoys seeing how her little guy is doing.  If I were ever to breed Abby's or Savannahs, I would most certainly want to use Alison as my role model.  I wish you all the best Alison and Mark in your cattery and who knows, someday I may be finding my way back for another  Savannah although it may be difficult to top Riley.  I think you reached perfection with him.

Take care
Sylvia G. Schlagel

Dam: Viera  ]  Sire: Richmond
From: Byron and Wanita - Coalhurst, AB

We were looking for another Bengal when we noticed the ad for Savannahs from Simply Spots.  We did some research on the breed and figured that a Savannah would make a good companion for our Bengal.  After a quick phone call we found out that there was a little girl left.  We sent in our deposit and were surprised when we received photos bi-weekly until it was time to pick up our kitten.
We were happy with the service from Simply Spots and that they were able to answer any questions that we did have. Morrigan is a very healthy, happy and curious kitten.  She has an extremely loving and affectionate personality, always wanting to be with someone.  She loves going for her nightly walks, on a leash and harness of course.   She is curious about all the neighborhood dogs and cats, everyone is a possible playmate, or toy.  We are always getting compliments about what a beautiful animal she is.
We are very pleased with Morrigan and would recommend Simply Spots if you are looking for a Savannah for your home.
Thank you Simply Spots,
Byron and Wanita Renwick

Our very first savannah at Simply Spots Viera was rehomed in a family with several large dogs and some very loving humans!   Viera is very happy in her pet family.

Thank you Savanna for making such a loving home!

Email from Savanna:
Viera is doing wonderful, looks like she's gained a little weight too, but now staying at a consistent weight.  She goes in the front lawn on her leash and harness almost every day and she just loves it!  When I woke up this morning I found her walking around the living room with a whole bag of treats in her mouth!! Silly little girl she is. I catch her and the dog licking each others heads all the time and playing games, they are too funny together.

I think Viera is responding very well to being the only princess in the house. OH and she can’t get enough of the reptile room. She likes the heat, and loves watching the critters in their cages. 

Viera is doing fantastic, and still better to watch then tv...   She will stare at a random spot on the wall (sometimes 6ft off the floor) and meow/talk to it until she builds up the nerve to leap up and try to catch it.. Its too funny!  We watched her jump from the floor to the top of our coat hook hanging on the door (caught a photo of it too). She needed some help out of that predicament haha..

Her and Olive (my dog) still get jealous of one another, but Oli is always looking out for her in this big sister kind of way. My parents large breed dog came over for Christmas and Viera came right out to say hello... She really seems comfortable around dogs.  My father has never liked cats and he heard about Viera and asked where she was, so we searched and found her in the bedroom. Well he sat there and played with her for a half hour... She is the only cat he showed any interest in, ever!


Retired Breeder "Viera"  - Jet, Capone, and Morrigan's Mother
Color: Cool BST (brown spotted tabby) Female Savannah