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Retired Breeders

* Our retired breeder savannah cats usually go to homes without other pets, and lead a pampered life.


"Braxton" F5SBT - AVAILABLE Male  •  DOB Oct 25, 2013   •   $700.00 Pet Price

Friendly talkative boy who really loves playing fetch, and going for walks. Braxton enjoys the outdoors and will always let you know when his meal time is. Please contact Simply Spots Savannahs for more information on Braxton.

"Aiko" -  SOLD Now Living In Bruderheim, AB

Savannahs remain very playful and kitten-like for almost their entire life. Aiko is very playful, loves playing fetch, loves to cuddle and can jump very high in the air to catch house flies, moths and spiders. We had hoped that Aiko would fall in love with one of our Kings, but she would rather play full time and be treated like a princess in a pet home.

Azayliah -  SOLD Now living in Quebec

DOB August 16, 2014. Azayliah picks up her ball and throws it down the stairs, she loves playing fetch so much! She has the largest ears and the hugest heart.

Claire - SOLD Now Living In Beaumont, AB

Claire is a very sweet and loving girl, she loves playing, enjoys running vertically up cat trees and loves to help with doing the dishes or making supper. She has the amazing light golden coat the same color as the African Serval, and great black spots running in perfect horizontal lines down her back. Claire has very long legs and nicely shaped large ears.

Izzy  -  SOLD Now living in Edmonton, AB  

Izzy is constantly purring, runs to us every time we call her, likes splashing around in water, and loves playtime. She would do well with a dog, but we request that she go to a home without other cats.  Very intelligent and very agile, Izzy brings wild characteristics to the domestic cat.