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Retired Breeders

* Our retired breeder savannah cats usually go to homes without other pets. They soak up so much love from their humans.

"Dakota" - SOLD My sweet girl has found her forever family

Dakota has that rare deep resounding "wild meow" that almost sound like a cheetah. Dakota has so many different tones of meow depending on what she wants to say. She is so intelligent and has a deep sense of loyalty to her people which will be passed on to her new owners. Dakota is my little lap cat, and my girl that comes to me when I am sad. It is so great to have a savannah cat that knows my emotions, and wants to make me happy. I love Dakota!

My sweet Dakota is 7 years young. Savannah cats usually live 20+ years. She is spayed and all healed up. She is looking for her forever family.

SOLD to Lethbridge AB

Aurora is 2 years old is the most outgoing and friendly girl. Aurora has had a few litters of kittens, and is ready to settle into a family routine. She is looking for a family without children or other pets. Snow color is a rare and beautiful color of savannah cat. Contact us about this gorgeous snow beauty to make her the newest addition to your family.

Arabella  - SOLD Now Living In Ft Saskatchewan, AB

Gorgeous golden coat with outstanding dark spots. Large closely placed ears, great oceli, amazing hooded eyes and lovely long legs. This girl is my favorite! Every litter of kittens Arabella has produced has been out of this world. She is a great example of the savannah cat breed.

"Braxton" F5SBT - SOLD  •   Now Living In Ontario

Friendly talkative boy who really loves playing fetch, & going for walks. Braxton enjoys the outdoors and will always let you know when it's meal time.

"Aiko" -  SOLD Now Living In Bruderheim, AB

Savannahs remain very playful and kitten-like for almost their entire life. Aiko is very playful, loves playing fetch, loves to cuddle and can jump very high in the air to catch house flies, moths and spiders.

Azayliah -  SOLD Now living in Quebec

Azayliah picks up her ball and throws it down the stairs, she loves playing fetch so much! She has the largest ears and the hugest heart.

Claire - SOLD Now Living In Beaumont, AB

Claire is a very sweet and loving girl, she loves playing, enjoys running up cat trees and loves to help with doing the dishes or making supper.

Izzy  -  SOLD Now living in Edmonton, AB  

Izzy is constantly purring, runs to us every time we call her, likes splashing around in water, and loves playtime. Very intelligent and very agile, Izzy brings wild characteristics to the domestic cat.